Eligible students at Cyprus-based universities to get €500 living allowance amidst a price hike in rents and a shortage of student accommodations, cabinet decided on Wednesday.

Students attending international universities will also be granted €200 to cover the price of their plane ticket due to the increase in prices. The benefits are part of an additional €3.6 million budget approved by the council of ministers to be allocated for student allowances.

The benefits were approved alongside a series of measures to financially support large families and professions affected by weather and other phenomena.

All mothers with triplets and more will also receive €1,500 per child to cover their initial needs, with the provision to apply for an additional benefit of up to €1,500 depending on the needs of the family.

Under the approved scheme to support families with triplets and more, will be provided with a monthly €400 to subsidise home childcare for infants up to one year old. Another monthly benefit will also be offered to cover nursery or preschool expenses for children up the age of four.

Moreover, cabinet approved the amount of €1,220,500 for financial assistance to affected farmers for damages caused by adverse weather conditions and natural disasters to agricultural crops during the 2021-2022 season.

A small number of people in the non-government-controlled area of Kormakiti who were affected by extreme weather conditions and a fire in the community will also be granted financial assistance. Meanwhile, €14,055 will be provided to professional fishermen in the Zygi area as compensation for the impact of the construction and operation of the marine fuel loading dock in the Vasilikos area.