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Greek Cypriots seeking state assistance to resettle in Kormakitis

The Maronite village of Kormakitis in the north

Sixteen Greek Cypriots are seeking state assistance in resettling to the villages of Kormakitis and Ayia Triada in the north, according to the humanitarian affairs office.

The state plan for resettlement is centered on offering financial aid, with the latest expressing interest being 15 Greek Cypriots intending to live Kormakitis and another in Ayia Triada.

There are fairly stringent requirements, however, for the applicants to be successful – mainly that they must have lived in the occupied villages for six months to prove that it is now their primary residence. They can then apply to the deputy social welfare ministry for financial aid.

Moreover, the state requires confirmation from the community leader, all the members of the community council, along with confirmation from the police that they crossed to the north.

That confirmation is made by the relevant committee set up by the police chief. They check that the applicant lives at least four days a week in the north, two of which must be working days. Notably, it is not prohibited for the recipient to work in the state-controlled areas and return to live in the north.

Successful applicants receive a monthly allowance of €371.62, with this rising by €111.55 for each additional dependent under the age of 14, but this rises to €185.95 after the age of 14.

Single seniors over the age of 75 and require additional care are eligible for an extra €240 per month.

Back in 2019, the cabinet approved the scheme for couples up to 45 years old to resettle in Rizokarpaso, Ayia Triada and the Maronite villages of Kormakitis and Karpasha.

Ayia Marina, Asomatos, and Karpasha are the three Maronite villages controlled by the Turkish military since 1974. Ayia Marina and Asomatos are currently off limits, while Karpasha is also under military control but residents are allowed to live there. The fourth Maronite village, Kormakitis has been open to its original residents to resettle since 2003. As of 2019, around 200 Maronites, mostly pensioners, lived in Kormakitis and Karpasha.

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