The consumer protection service recorded significant increases in the price of key easter foodstuffs, with lamb up by 25 per cent.

In what is by now a familiar trend, the consumer protection services detailed that the next highest increases were recorded for eggs (up by 39 per cent per cent for a dozen), milk (20.4 per cent), olive oil (up 27 per cent) and bread (a kilo of white up by 24.3 per cent).

More analytically, the price for a kilo of lamb ranges between €8.95-€13.80, an increase of 25.45 per cent compared to last year, while for whole lamb the price is between €8.50 – €13.50 – an increase of 24.59 per cent compared to last year.

The next highest increase in meat is for local beef tenderloin with the price per kilo ranging from €8.50 to €15.99, up 17.08 per cent on last year. The corresponding increase in the price per kilo for minced beef is up by 12.05 per cent.

On 11 April the consumer protection service recorded the price per kilo for flaounes as ranging between €8.95 – €18.00, an increase of about four per cent compared to last year.