Police on Sunday arrested a 31-year-old man to facilitate investigations into a case of conspiracy to commit a felony, illegal possession and use of drugs, and possession of stolen property.

According to police, shortly after 9pm a Limassol traffic patrol officer approached a suspicious parked vehicle with two occupants in an open area of the city.

Upon noticing police approaching for inspection, the driver started the car and sped off.

Eventually the car came to a halt at a dead end, and the two occupants abandoned it and continued the attempt to evade police on foot.

Police succeeded in catching the 31-year-old driver, who threw a shoulder bag he was carrying to the ground.

A search of the bag found it contained 13.7g cannabis and the man was arrested for evident offences.

In addition, police found two watches, a crucifix and a ring, for which suspect did not provide adequate explanation.

Further checks determined the car used by the 31-year-old had had its number plates altered and had been reported as stolen on April 24, in Nicosia.

A search of the vehicle revealed various electrical and burglary tools.

Limassol CID and the drug squad are continuing investigations.