Art Seen Gallery in Nicosia is set to host a solo exhibition by Greek artist Marina Genadieva, curated by Takis Koubis and Maria Stathi. From June 7 to 30, the Aerial Passages exhibition, hosted under the auspices of the Embassy of Greece, will welcome the island’s art lovers to explore the artist’s work and reflect on ‘crossing boundaries’.

A brief extract from a piece Takis Koubis wrote, translating a text in Greek by Dimitris Saltabassis, notes: “Aerial Passages poses the question of crossing boundaries and, in particular, the movement of crossing invisible boundaries, such as those of the Buffer Zone. These are not ascertained officially either on the ground or on the map; they are perceived through insight and sight. The presence of these works here aims to transform visual form into an active image, to set the artwork in motion through interaction with the observer. In this respect, these are not representations, becoming, rather, image acts, visually encapsulating their transformation into active artefacts.

“In Western art,” he continues, “the curtain delineates the framework of a work of art, opening a space for symbolism and ambiguity through the concealment/unconcealment of ambiguous areas of the image. The curtain in Aerial Passages (2022, 200 × 300cm) consists of 1.5 million coloured glass beads threaded by hand, translating the painting experience into space. The subtle motion caused by air – space breathing – creates multiple openings, and passageways to the realm of invisible boundaries, which are ensured by the focus of the space-image at a certain interval from the observer. This image in motion creates the actual condition of the landscape, evoking a primordial experience of Nature.”

The exhibition will host two parallel activities. A Meet the Artist event and a guided tour of the exhibition will take place on Friday, June 6 at 6.30pm. On Monday 26 and Wednesday 28, another Meet the Artist event will follow along with a talk between Genadieva and Takis Koubis, with the exhibition catalogue launch happening at 6.30pm.


Aerial Passages

Exhibition by Greek artist Marina Genadieva. June 7-30. Art Seen Gallery, Nicosia. Opening night:6pm-9pm. Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 4pm-7pm or by appointment. Tel: 22-006624.