A mother, a friend, a professional, a scheming mastermind – women keep trying to have it all. And Erin Carter is no exception. The only question is: who is this British teacher who skilfully survives a violent supermarket robbery without so much as a scratch on her?

But instead of introducing us to the main character, the show avoids following a linear plot, leaving viewers even more confused and thirsty for answers.

Inevitably, there are plenty of plot twists to be expected. The first episode provides only a handful of basic facts about Erin, who is played by Evin Ahmad. The woman fled the UK with her daughter Harper (Indica Watson) and relocated to beautiful Barcelona, where most of the series takes place. There, she lives with her partner, Jordi, portrayed by Sean Teale, who appears as oblivious about his partner’s background as the viewers.

After half a decade in Spain, Erin and Harper find themselves in a supermarket among several robbers – one of whom claims to recognise the schoolteacher. However, the focus soon shifts to Harper, who appears to be experiencing post traumatic stress after the incident. Even the girl’s symptoms though appear to be linked with Erin’s mysterious past which slowly unravels during the seven episodes.

To some relief, the central question about ‘who the f*ck is Erin Carter’ is partly answered by the end of the season. By that point though, you realise Erin Carter is not the main name of interest here.

In any case, it was refreshing to see a strong female lead in a crime action series who was not extremely sexualised but was allowed the strength and calmness often seen in male roles.