Health Minister Popi Kanari visited the central Radiomarathon kiosk on Stavrou Avenue in Nicosia on Monday morning and made a symbolic contribution of €700 on behalf of the health ministry.

Kanari described the Radiomarathon as “an important institution that has been operating in Cyprus for 32 years, providing support and care to people in need of medical treatment and assistance.”

Representatives of political parties also made their contributions at the kiosk on Stavrou Avenue. Among them, the executive director of the CNP Group Takis Fidias, the chairman of CyBC’s board of directors George Kenta, and CyBC director-general Thanasis Tsokos.

On Monday at 9pm CyBC1 will broadcast a two-hour tribute programme to Radiomarathon hosted by Loukas Hamatsos and Phaedra Sarikaki, featuring personalities from television, sports and the arts. First Lady Philippa Karsera will also attend the show.

The Radiomarathon foundation aims to provide financial assistance to beneficiaries for medical, pharmaceutical or technical intervention, for scientific research, for seminars or other group activities. The charity also provides financial assistance directly or indirectly that promotes the well-being of the beneficiaries.

“The health ministry has supported this institution for years, and we feel that we are contributors to this effort,” Kanari said.

She also called on all people to act with empathy and stand by those in need of our support and assistance.

“Each of us can contribute, whether from our abundance or scarcity, to support this initiative,” said the health minister. Generosity is not a matter of wealth, it’s a matter of the soul and heart.”

Kanari also expressed her gratitude to the organisers of Radiomarathon, CNP Cyprialife, CNP Insurance, and the Cyprus Radio Foundation.