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Larnaca resident highlights illegal alterations in apartment buildings

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Α Larnaca resident, owner of a residential apartment, this week sent a letter to the House Standing Committee on Internal Affairs, advocating for changes to the legal framework regulating multi-owner buildings.

Specifically, the resident brought up the issue of of common expenses, especially in terms of unpaid fees, for example in instances where the previous owner failed to settle their obligations before proceeding with the sale or transfer of a property.

“Before the execution of property transfers, mortgages, or sales, due diligence should be implemented to settle joint debts, with particular emphasis on the pre-emptive resolution of any illegal interferences,” the author of the letter said.

His letter also addressed the issue of illegal alterations to a property in a multi-owner building, saying that by forcing the selling party to fix any changes made to the property, this phenomenon could be eradicated altogether.

Moreover, the author explained that the “implementation of these provisions promises not only streamlining of property transactions but also serves as a deterrent, mitigating the pervasive issue of illegal alterations in jointly owned buildings”.

Consequently, the letter asks for the enactment of provisions that would proactively address and rectify any illegal interventions before the transfer, mortgage, or sale of a unit associated with such changes in a jointly owned building.

Furthermore, these corrective actions are to be verified through a relevant certification issued by the Administrative Committee overseeing the property.

Moreover, the proposed adjustments to the bill should mandate the submission of a certificate from the Administrative Committee, concurrently affirming that the unit in question is not involved, connected, or associated with any illegal interventions.

Emphasising the significance of this certification, the owner underscored that solely addressing individual units’ common debts is neither a solution nor sufficient for ensuring a high quality of life in multi-owner buildings.

However, the Larnaca resident pointed out a more significant problem, related to the prevalence and expansion of illegal interventions over time, facilitated by a subset of unit owners acting with impunity.

Finally, the owner of the aforementioned apartment highlighted certain issues observed in the property in which they are currently residing.

“Common areas and public land in front of our building have been unlawfully seized by some unit owners, illegally taking control of these premises and attaching them to their units,” he said.

“This demands urgent attention and targeted provisions to resolve the ongoing issue of illegal alterations,” he concluded.

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