Tuesday will be mostly clear with some afternoon showers, mainly in the mountains. Temperatures will rise to 19C in the interior and on the coasts, and 8C in the higher mountains. Snow or sleet may fall on the highest peaks of Troodos. Winds will initially be south-easterly to south-westerly, light, 3 Beaufort, turning south- to north-westerly, light to moderate, up to 4 Beaufort, by afternoon. The sea will be calm to slightly rough.

Overnight will be mostly clear, with temporarily increased cloud cover on the coasts and a chance of light rain. Temperatures will drop to around 7C in the interior, 8C on the coasts and 1C in the higher mountains. Light, gusty winds, up to 3 Beaufort are expected and the sea will remain calm to slightly rough.

Wednesday and Thursday will start off clear with gradually developing cloud cover and possible afternoon showers.

Friday will also start off clear with increased clouds at times.

Temperatures are not expected to change appreciably through Friday fluctuating above average ​​for the season.