A man appeared in court in the north on Thursday, accused of breaking a restaurant owner’s glasses, among other antisocial acts allegedly committed while at a restaurant.

According to the police representative, the suspect was at the restaurant in Kioneli, on Thursday evening, while the Europa Conference League football match between Greek side Olympiacos and Turkish outfit Fenerbahce was being played.

The match was being shown on television screens inside the restaurant, and the suspect is a Fenerbahce fan.

The police representative explained that the suspect had drunk copious amounts of alcohol but remained quiet as Olympiacos steamed into a 3-0 lead during the first hour of the match.

However, when Fenerbahce pulled back two quickfire goals, the representative said, “he started making noise, causing a nuisance, acting in an inappropriate manner, and waving his hands randomly.”

The restaurant’s owner then warned the man about his conduct, and the man responded, “this will not end here, I will show you one day, you need to know who I am!”

He then reportedly pushed the restaurant’s owner in the chest before striking him, causing his glasses to fall off his face.

When the glasses fell to the floor, the man stamped on them, breaking them.

The police representative said the damage to the glasses will cost around 2,000TL (€58) to repair.

He added that when police arrived at the scene, the man was still “shouting loudly without a reasonable excuse” and was then arrested.

Judge Zehra Yalkut Bilgec ordered that the man be released on a 20,000TL (€578) bail, that a guarantor sign a bond amounting to 300,000TL (€8,667), that he be banned from leaving the north, and that he present himself to a police station once a week.

Fenerbahce lost the match 3-2 and will play the second leg of the tie against Olympiacos in Istanbul on Thursday evening.