The ‘shameful’ conditions at Tsirio stadium will be brought up to the President, the House education committee decided on Wednesday.

MPs said that although the surrounding area could have huge potential whether it be with a square, greenery, or shopping malls, it is currently simply an eyesore.

Tsirio stadium GSO chairman Kyriakos Tsolakis told MPs they had reached out to the three football teams that use the facilities (Ael, Apollon, Aris) for help.

Not only do they not pay to use the facilities but one of them even owes €20,000 in electricity bills, he added.

Diko MP Pavlos Mylonas specified owners of the premises are GSO along with the Archbishopric and the Limassol bishopric.

He underlined the religious institutions have no qualms in allocating the space elsewhere.

“The issue is the lack of vision from the state and municipality,” Mylonas said.

Greens MP Stavros Papadouris highlighted it has been 10 years since the matter was discussed and yet nothing has happened.

Director of the sports association (Koa) Mary Charalambous Papamiltiades said that because the premises are private, any decisions depend on the GSO’s board.

Meanwhile, grandson of the donor Petros Tsiriou who carries his grandfather’s name, described Tsolakis’ behaviour as “toxic” along with a few other people at the board.

“Tsirio was a jewel in Limassol and today it’s a garbage dump. It’s obvious there was never any proper management.”

He raised questions over what he described as the lack of transparency surrounding the stadium’s management.

“It is a shame and a disgrace,” Tsiriou added, calling for major changes.

Tsolakis said he would respond to the allegations in writing.