Joining the festivities celebrating International Museum Day are two events by the Department of Antiquities, happening at the Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios mansion this Sunday. First up is HA KO, a dance-theatre performance and a parallel workshop for children and adults that will take place at 6.30pm.

The performance is an immersive and participatory experience which will encourage young visitors to have an active role and uncover details about the mansion. As the theatre and the workshop conclude, the evening will continue with some live music by the Gaba Project.

Gaba Project is a local musical initiative with Vasilis Vasiliou on the handpan and percussions and Christina Polycarpou on the lyra. The combination of the handpan and the lyra is an innovative one, happening for the first time worldwide. The duet focuses on experimenting with new musical approaches and adding improvisation to their music. Blending the worlds of Greek musical tradition, as observed through the lyra, and the mystic modern sounds of the handpan, Gaba Project produces a unique sound.

Their performances also often include compositions from the Eastern Mediterranean, such as Armenian, Cypriot, Turkish, Greek and Bulgarian, played with a fresh approach. This Sunday, the duet will perform for free in a celebratory concert that will start at 9pm.


Interactive theatre and workshop for children and adults. May 19. Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios mansion, Nicosia. 6.30pm. Free

Live music with Gaba Project

Live handpan, percussions and lyra. May 19. Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios mansion, Nicosia. 9pm. Free