A Greek Cypriot refugee from Famagusta sent a handwritten note pleading with UN secretary-general to help resolve the Cyprus issue after he spotted him three rows up on a flight from Vienna to Geneva.

According to the Facebook poster ‘Aceras Anthropophorum’ the UN chief read the note, which was in French, read it, put it in his pocket and smiled back at him as he was disembarking.

A translation of the note explained that the writer is a Greek Cypriot refugee and had been from the age of 11. He was now turned 61. He called the Greek Cypriot leadership “very small-minded, corrupt and nationalistic people” who block a solution to the Cyprus issue so that the people can’t live in harmony with Turkish Cypriots.

“Please, please do something for my country. You are our last hope,” it said.

In his Facebook upload, the poster said he spotted Guterres on the plane and decided to take the chance to scribble the note and give it to him as they disembarked as he feared getting into trouble with Guterres’ bodyguard if he approached him inflight.

“Addressing the guard I said politely, ‘can you give it to Mr Guterres please?’ As soon as the secretary-general heard his name, he turned and approached even though guards were rushing to get him disembarked to his limousine,” the post said.

“I was glad I told him, even though I have no hope that this is how the Cyprus issue will be resolved. I don’t know why I did it. It was an internal need. I got excited like a child. It may have been an internal cry of despair…”.