With the temporary pier to the Gazan coastline operational, humanitarian aid from Cyprus to Gaza resumed on Thursday.

The US Central Command (US Centcom) said in a press release on its website on Thursday that at approximately 8.52am (Gaza time) on June 19 “personnel supporting the mission to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians, re-anchored the temporary pier to the beach in Gaza.”

“The temporary pier had been relocated to avoid forecasted high seas and to ensure the structural integrity of the pier and safety of our service members. At no time during this event did US troops enter Gaza,” it said.

US Centcom noted that “trucks carrying humanitarian assistance across the temporary pier began delivery again today [Thursday], June 20, and approximately 656 metric tonnes (1.4 million pounds) of aid were delivered to the beach in Gaza.”

“This is the largest single day delivery of aid to date.”

It added that “to date, over 4,160 metric tonnes (9.1 million pounds) of humanitarian aid have been delivered from the pier to the marshalling area where they can be collected by humanitarian organisations for onward delivery.”