In the context of the webinar series organised by the programme of the postgraduate studies in modern and contemporary history of the department of history, politics and international studies of Neapolis University Paphos, the second webinar on Constantinople and Ayia Sophia was held recently.

The keynote speakers were Evangelos Chrysos, professor emeritus of Byzantine history of the University of Athens, former secretary of the Central Committee of the International Association of Byzantine Studies and Anthony Kaldellis, professor of Byzantine civilisation and chair of the department of classics, Ohio State University.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics from the Neapolis University Paphos and from other universities in Cyprus and Greece, tour guides and teachers from public and private schools, listened to the speakers who presented unknown historiographical facts regarding the construction of Ayia Sophia from Byzantine and western sources. The symbolism of the monument in the Byzantine and post-byzantine art as well as in modern Greek consciousness was also highlighted.

The speakers then responded to numerous queries from the audience.