A contract for the construction of flood protection projects in the Limassol area was signed on Wednesday by the town’s mayor Nicos Nicolaides at the Panos Solomonidis Cultural Centre.

The project will cost €16.3m and will be financed by the sewerage board of Limassol (Sala) and the government.

The contract was awarded to the Iacovou-Zemco Joint Venture Consortium, according to an announcement released by the Limassol municipality.

The project includes the construction of a number of tubular culverts, each 18 kilometres long, along with 423 special wells.

The construction works will begin immediately and will be completed in around 30 months, according to the announcement.

Upon the completion of the project, much of the rainwater that now enters the city from the northern areas will be diverted to the Garylli river at the height of Spyros Kyprianou avenue and will prevented from flowing into the centre of Limassol.

In recent years, constant flooding in the coastal city have created several problems.

The latest major flooding in Limassol took place in January.

In addition to the main anti-flooding project that will concern the entire Limassol area, Sala, in collaboration with the town’s municipality, is planning a number of other projects which will protect specific areas in Limassol.