Volunteers dressed as cartoon characters used the ladder of a fire-engine to give a present to a seven-year-old patient at the Makarios hospital on Tuesday, amid a ban on hospital visitations.

Panayiotis, who is currently being treated at the hospital after his return from Israel where he was diagnosed with a bacterial lung infection, had requested a tablet as a gift.

Charitable organisation Hug with Love responded and arranged, in collaboration with the fire service, to give the present in person by using the extendable ladder of the fire truck to reach his window.

Hospital visitations are currently not allowed as part of efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus.

The delivery of the tablet was made by two volunteers wearing a full body costume of cartoon character Sponge Bob SquarePants and Barney from the kids’ television show Barney & Friends.

The boy was first submitted with breathing problems to the Nicosia general hospital in November 24 where he tested negative for coronavirus.

Local doctors were unable to diagnose him so he was transfered to Sheba Medical centre in Israel, where he was diagnosed with an aggressive bacterial infection.