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Authorities taking action over e-bay sale of tile from Salamis


Cypriot authorities have filed a report over the advertised sale on e-bay of a tile advertised as a piece of the floor from the ancient city of Salamis, a senior antiquities department official told the Cyprus Mail on Thursday.

The seller, who lives in Russia, is selling the tile for US $85. Under the headline, ‘A piece of tile 2500 thousand years old Antiques’ the seller said that this it is a piece of the floor from the ancient city of Salamis. Also posted is a photo showing which floor the piece was taken from.

Antiquities curator at the antiquities department, Dr Despo Pilides, told the Cyprus Mail that they are aware of this post and they have already taken the necessary action.

Dr Pilides said the department daily monitors such sites and alert the police when they spot something suspicious as regards antiquities smuggling. Police then alerts Interpol to stop the sale until investigations are carried out.

She added that the Cypriot authorities request the repatriation of the antiquities, as in the case in question.

Dr Pilides said that the illegal sale of antiquities is a problem faced all over the world, not just Cyprus, stressing the importance of vigilance. This, she said concerns not only monitoring online sales but also efficient surveillance at the archaeological sites to prevent people from stealing artefacts.

The archaeological site of Salamis is around six kilometres north of Famagusta, in the occupied part of the district. Salamis was Cyprus’ capital for around one thousand years and according to tradition, it was founded by Teucer, son of Telamon, ruler of the Greek island of Salamis, who arrived in Cyprus after the end of the Trojan War accompanied by other Greeks. The earliest archaeological finds at the site date to the eleventh century BC.





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