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Online performance on humans and surveillance


For the most part, technology has brought ease and practicality to our lives but can you escape from the ‘system’ once you’re in it? Can it rise to such power that you become a modern-day slave to the web? An online performance by Suzana Phialas titled ANON considers the murky relationship between humans and technology, data collection, surveillance, complex algorithms and automation which we don’t understand and which influence our online experience and behaviour.

Presented across On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Suzana’s ANON work began back in 2018 when researching algorithms and the history of the Internet from its birth to today. “My focus,” she says, “was based on researching and understanding the whole spectrum of digital technologies and digital culture and developing experimental works since 2018.”

The push to create this performance happened when a Black Mirror episode was happening in real life. “The initial idea for ANON came along when I learned about China’s Social Credit System; a governmental initiative announced in 2014 where each citizen’s behaviour is monitored via facial recognition camera systems and other surveillance technology all over China. A person’s social score can move up and down depending on their everyday behaviour. According to one’s score, people can be rewarded, punished, or shamed in public. Low score citizens are considered ‘untrustworthy’ and penalties can include loss or denial of employment, educational opportunities, and the ability to travel.”

Now, sponsored by the ministry of education and Limassol Municipality, ANON will be presented on Suzana Phiala’s YouTube channel at 9pm.



Performance by Suzana Phialas. March 5,6,7. Youtube. 9pm. Free. More information on

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