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A lot is going on in the world right now. Sexual assault, hate crimes, police brutality, civil societies speaking out, all against the backdrop of a global health pandemic. What’s important in all of these situations is to have conversations about the topics that matter. Even the uncomfortable ones. An initiative funded by Stiftung Mercator and the European Cultural Foundation is hosting these conversations and two events open to the public are coming up.

Organised by the VAHA Nicosia Hub (Visual Voices, Symfiliosi and Yfantourgeio The Workplace), the events are virtual conversations with guest speakers, artists and academics discussing pressing social challenges. Specifically, they aim to address the ‘crisis of democracy’ through new opportunities for civic participation and dialogue. “The multidisciplinary perspectives on common challenges will create space for new voices to be heard by different audiences,” say the organisers. “Connecting the two worlds of academia and policy with the arts and culture.”

Their next Facebook Live event on March 17 (7.30pm) addresses the topic of Growing Distrust and Villainization of NPO/ NGO/ Civil Society. Led by Corina Demetriou and Ellada Evangelou, the conversation will be open to the public to share their thoughts and engage with the guest speakers. The evolution of these conversations will be documented by local artist Zoe Polycarpou.

The next event on March 31 will tackle Hate Speech and the Far-Right with speakers Miranda Christou and Giorgos Charalambous, again via a Facebook Live at 7.30pm. Over the next few months, more conversations like these are to follow. To stay updated, follow the youth organisation’s Visual Voices Facebook page.


Growing Distrust and Villainization of NPO/ NGO/ Civil Society

Online conversation with Corina Demetriou and Ellada Evangelou. March 17. Via Facebook Live. 7.30pm. Organised by VAHA Nicosia Hub

Hate Speech and the Far-Right

Online conversation with Miranda Christou and Giorgos Charalambous. March 31. Via Facebook Live. 7.30pm. Organised by VAHA Nicosia Hub


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