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Crime in Paphos fell in 2020

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Paphos registered a decrease in reported crimes in 2020 compared to the previous year, according to Paphos police spokesperson Michalis Ioannou.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency on Monday, Ioannou said that last year, a total of 788 serious crimes were officially reported, a drop of 222 from 2019. 

Of the 788 cases, 580 were taken to their completion, around 75 per cent. Ioannou said that the figure is the highest among all districts in Cyprus. 

He added that last year three murders were committed in Paphos, all of which were promptly investigated and are currently being tried before the court. No murders were committed in 2019.

Moreover, four murder attempts were registered in 2020, one more than the previous year.

Reported rape offences also rose last year with police recording 10 cases, compared to four in 2019.

A total of 21 arson cases were also registered in 2020, once again an increase from the previous year, where 20 cases were reported.

On the other hand, there were far fewer home burglaries in 2020 compared to 2019 in Paphos, 199 against 271, as well as theft offences, 90 compared to 199.

Regarding other serious crimes, such as trafficking of illegal immigrants, forgeries, and money laundering, Ioannou said 336 cases were reported in 2019, a number reduced to 254 last year.

Since the introduction of a dedicated task force against domestic violence on February 21 this year, the police have registered a total of 28 cases, arresting 14 people, four of whom have been issued restrictive orders by the court, he said. 


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