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Alphamega debuts new premium beef steak range


Alphamega Hypermarkets has enriched its product range with high-quality beef steaks from Australia, the US, Argentina and the UK, in a move sure to delight the meat-lovers among its clientele.

The new line of Alphamega Selected Premium Beef products boasts a large range of meat cuts, such as sirloin, rib-eye and filet mignon from Australia, the USA and Argentina, Tomahawk rib-eye from Great Britain and the USA, as well as Wagyu rib-eye and sirloin from Australia.

All of the meat comes from grain-fed cows, which are fed a special diet so as to preserve the rich flavour of the steak, offering a melt-in-the-mouth texture, as well as a lower percentage of intramuscular fat.

The high-quality meats are imported in large cuts to Cyprus, and subsequently cut up and packaged in controlled temperatures, using high-tech precision equipment at Alphamega Hypermarkets Nicosia workshops. The cuts of meat are packaged using the latest skin-pack method, which vacuum-seals the steaks, thereby increasing the shelf life of the product by up to 30 days and ensuring a low microbial load.

The new range of Alphamega Selected Premium Beef products can be purchased through the Alphamega Hypermarkets e-store, or via an in-person buy from Alphamega hypermarkets directly.

NOTE: Customers using their Alphamega Family Card to buy any Alphamega Selected Premium Beef product between April 2 – May 3, are automatically entered into a draw to win the popular kamado Big Green Egg ceramic charcoal barbecue cooker, worth €2,100.

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