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Animal Party: Bruno should not go back to army camp

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Bruno outside the army camp he used to frequent

Bruno’s natural place is not in an army camp, the Animal Party said in response to environment commissioner Klelia Vasiliou’s calls for the stray to be adopted by the army.

Ayia Napa municipality came under fire on Wednesday after a video was posted on social media showing a municipality worker using excessive force while trying to catch a stray dog and take it to the pound.

Known as Bruno, the dog apparently frequents a nearby army barracks and even has his own Instagram page.

Environment Commissioner Klelia Vasiliou said that she had been in touch with the ministry of defence, the armed forces and the Ayia Napa municipality, suggesting that Bruno be adopted by the armed forces so he can return to the army camp, “the place he knows as home, with people who love him”.

While well intentioned, Vasiliou’s statement ignores the reality of the situation, the Animal Party said in a written response.

“Our understanding of an animal’s ‘natural place’ is different, since pets are entitled to a home, to being taken care of by loving parents, and to being part of a family,” the statement said. “The welfare, protection and wellbeing of animals must always be ensured”.

The statement continued that the ministry of defence is not likely to make an exception to the rule prohibiting the adoption of strays by any permanent officer or army camp.

It was also argued that since the officers at the camp are constantly changing, this also means there is no guarantee of the safety and wellbeing of the animal in the future, while it might also motivate other army camps to ask for the same exception.

“The Animal Party asks that Bruno is finally adopted by one of the many families that expressed an interest in doing so, so he can be loved and cared for,” not left to the judgement of someone who might eventually abandon him, the statement concluded.

“We ask for permanent and guaranteed, not occasional and selective love and compassion for Bruno”.

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