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Taking a critical look at fashion consumption

redesign fashion exhibition poster

The Redesign Fashion Exhibition is coming to Larnaca this summer – should measures allow – an event by the Dostou Chance Cultural Movement that highlights fashion industry issues and the ways to support more sustainable systems.

Through education, creativity and experiential learning, this idea takes a critical look at the consequences of fashion consumption, concerning both the producers and the environment. More specifically, it encourages visitors to rethink their consumer behaviour and to get involved to create a positive impact.

The exhibition will be split into two phases. The first will open at the Larnaca Cultural Foundation from June 11 until 13 and the second will continue between June 18 and 21. The idea behind the Redesign Fashion Exhibition can be characterised as supportive to the traditions of the local economy by promoting sustainable and ethical brands and conscious consumption.

“Above all however,” says the team, “we will promote positive endeavours and in practice support the community of domestic designers, craftsmen and artists that has been created. Our mission is to increase awareness: we need to understand that as consumers, our voice and our consumer habits have the power to change things for the better.”


Redesign Fashion Exhibition

Exhibition by Dostou Chance Cultural Movement. June 11-13 and 18-21. Larnaca Cultural Foundation, Larnaca. 6pm-10pm.

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