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Dherynia seeks solution for agricultural waste

greenhouse nylon waste

The collection and recycling of plastic covers and similar materials used in greenhouses is a big problem for Dherynia, as underlined by its mayor Andros Karayiannis, who sent a letter to the Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis asking for solutions.

In the letter, Karayiannis urged Kadis and the government to come up with ideas “on possible ways to successfully collect and recycle agricultural waste such as greenhouse nylon, ground geotextile covers, plastic containers, irrigation hoses that are causing trouble to farmers in the area.”

“Every year we witness how agricultural waste ends up in nature, especially in the buffer zone, causing nuisance, environmental pollution and fires,” the letter continued.

“Due to the lack of Green Points in the Dherynia municipality and in the Famagusta district in general, we are calling on the competent authorities to help us solve the problem, at least temporarily, until the future installation of Green Points.”

In responding to Karayiannis, Kadis said the issues cited by the mayor are being carefully studied by the ministry.

“We are seeking solutions for a holistic approach to the problem, including the completion of the infrastructure for the operation of Green Points in Famagusta district,” he said.

“Until definitive solutions are found, a private company has shown interest in collecting the agricultural waste in the area, which could represent a temporary solution to the problem.”

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