Offering full scholarships to staff in cooperation with the Cyprus Institute of Marketing

When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility, ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets believe this entails adding value to both society and to their team members. To this end, the Company announces the continuation of its collaboration with the Cyprus Institute of Marketing – The Cyprus Business School (CIM) for the second consecutive year, offering employees and their children a series of scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

These scholarships are part of the strategic collaboration formed in 2018 between the Hypermarkets and the Institute and are a novelty, being the first of their kind in Cyprus. Classes are carried out at the Institute’s facilities in Nicosia and Limassol.

ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets firmly believe that any investment in their human capital not only positively impacts the quality of the service offered to their customers, but also provides their personnel with opportunities and incentives for personal growth and for their professional participation in a healthy and engaging work environment. With this in mind, ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets invest in education and take steps to ensure their personnel is continuously learning and broadening its knowledge.

The scholarships offered cover 100% of the fees for the first year of studies, and are open to all staff members and their dependent children. The applicants who meet the entry requirements will be invited for a personal interview by CIM. The sole responsibility for carrying out any interviews rests with the Institute. Applicants who do not secure a full scholarship are eligible for a 20% discount offered by CIM to all ALPHAMEGA personnel and their children, for any programmes of study.

All of CIM’s courses have been certified by the Council of Recognition of Higher Qualifications (KYSATS), and students are eligible for state sponsorship.

Marios Antoniou, the Human Resources Manager of ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets, and Yiangos Hadjiyiannis, CIM’s Deputy Director-General, said they were pleased this collaboration is still going strong. Its existence is proof of the importance placed by ALPHAMEGA on the constant development and upgrading of their human capital’s work experience.