Three people were remanded at Larnaca district court for eight days on Sunday in connection to 27.5 kilos of cannabis found in their luggage at Larnaca airport.

The three, aged 32, 41 and 47 were arrested on Saturday night at the airport. The drug squad said they had stopped the individuals aged 32 and 41 to search their bags. A total of 14 kilos and 470 grams of cannabis were found across 22 plastic bags in the 32-year-old’s suitcase. The luggage of the 41-year-old was found to contain eight plastic bags totaling 13 kilos and 39 grams of cocaine.

Both were arrested on the spot.

As investigations continued, evidence was garnered against the 47-year-old who appears to have been the person who would receive the drugs. He was also consequently arrested.

The drug squad continues investigations.