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CULTURESCOPE: interview with life coach Despina Nicola, from Season 1, Episode 8

Given that every CULTURESCOPE episode comes packed with goodies, each standalone segment merits closer revisiting.

In this video, taken from Season 1, Episode 8 of CULTURESCOPE, founder and host of the popular web series Paul Lambis interviews Despina Nicola, a New Zealand-born life coach who specialises in managing addictions and relationships.

As we learn here, Nicola has made it her mission to walk shoulder to shoulder with those in pain, until they find fulfilment, and to help them discover their unshakeable worth, so that they can live their desired life.

“I believe that we are all born good, and we are born from light, but some people in this world, their lives become quite complicated,” she says. “And they go into toxic relationships, they consume toxins, they do toxic things like gambling… they ruin themselves.

“The reason why I got into learning about humans and trying to understand them and their evolution, was because I wanted to understand why people are unhappy.

“I wanted to be the person that could go down the hole, and actually be there for people who are going through pain, and understand them, and help them understand themselves better and make better decisions.”

Part of this passion for helping others face their most painful times and move through them, came through her own childhood experience of feeling worthless in struggling with her studies and comparing herself to other students. Yet, through the loving support and encouragement of family members – notably her sister, she not only turned her grades around, but went on to become a high achiever in her university years, too.

Put differently, the process demonstrated to her that while we (or others) may label ourselves as this or that, such labels arise from perceptions, and perceptions can always be changed.

Her book, ‘Enough is Enough: A Helpful Guide to Managing Addictions’ extends her in-person work, helping readers sort through timelines of discouragement and shame, and ultimately transform the imprints fuelling their addictions, into freedom.

As she says in the personal note that begins her book: “you are not broken in any way, but you are worthy in every way”.

CULTURESCOPE is a Cypriot lifestyle and entertainment web show, exclusive to Good Living. Highlighting the best of Cyprus, and the inspiring commitment to art and culture, Paul Lambis shines the spotlight on the natural beauty and sheer diversity of the island, its previously hidden gems, and the people who continue to make a positive contribution to Cyprus, both locally and abroad.

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