An investigation into a fatal road accident which involved a moped and a motorbike that led to one death will have further results pending a DNA test on Thursday.

The horrific crash occurred along the Liopetri-Xylofagou road at about 9pm on Tuesday and resulted in the death of motorbike rider. Details of their identity have not been officially revealed, pending the results of the DNA test.

Local media reported that the motorbike skidded 200 metres from the point of impact and crashed into the wall of a petrol station, while the moped was immobilised by guard railing along the road.

While investigations are still ongoing, officials suspect the accident was caused by high speed and a lack of proper lighting on one of the two vehicles.

The 24-year-old moped driver was transferred to Famagusta general hospital by ambulance and is being cared for. He is in a serious but non-life-threatening condition.