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Interview with business analyst – Arkady Shkolnik, BA Team lead at Brain Rocket 

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What does the B2C BA-Team in Brain Rocket deal with?

BA B2C – is a unit belonging to the Project Management Office structure of BrainRocket’s RnD. We process requests from C-level and convert them into business requirements feasible for engineers.

Business requirements are usually subject to transformation via use-cases breakdown so that the development team – every unit on the spot – can decompose them into tasks for coverage, e.g., creating UI/UX design, development, and implementation of code, provision of test cases, and so on. In the end – once the complete solution is delivered – it adds value to the product following the expectations of the business.

B2C is a branch focused on the development of internal products and searches for new solutions. This keeps our BA unit in charge of not only business analysis but also that of competitors, for it allows us to stay ahead of other players in the market by implementing more exclusive and unique features.

How is the BA-Team involved in the company’s life?

I genuinely believe that our unit helps to release the stress of other teams. Say an urgent task flies over your desk and gets tangled into the web of business analysis, where business requirements tenderly cover it with a cocoon. The job is no longer that urgent. Instead, its fundamental importance becomes unveiled along with dependencies that come up to the surface.

As a result – instead of getting a single pin-point task resolved, we reveal the pain of a massive bundle of issues that we nail down during the process of analysis.

What skills are the most problem-solving?

All guys in my unit have challenged themselves by various roles held in the past, so their former experience allows them to approach duties from different angles to find a solution to the given problem that would be the perfect match.

For me, it is way more important than such criteria, as – for instance – experience gained in iGaming industry specifically.

Another thing I value much is soft skills. People who fail to communicate and listen, people who follow deal-breaking patterns don’t belong to our team – especially given that many people have manners of their own to deal with.

Speaking of the “purely BA” skills – my favourite candidates are the “field workers” (usually, with the outsource background) who used to cope with their stakeholders’ assignments on-premise, i.e., physically coming to the office or production site and analyse processes to reveal problems and things to optimise and/or improve by implementing a solution that can drive the business to the new levels.

How BA-Team can work more efficiently?

As I’ve mentioned before, business analysis is all about communication in the first place, so the most important thing is making sure that everyone in the team (and in the company) is confident about the ideas they are sharing and how they do it. This grants clarity to the things we do and makes it transparent to everyone how and when we do it. As for “when” – this is another aspect of efficiency boost – the planning, which is a challenge given how dynamic the market is. Still, we do our best to keep with the deadlines and be agile about changes at the same time. So, it’s a pleasant thing to realise because it gives you space for improvement and widens your planning horizon.

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