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Some Bounty, Snickers and Twix ice creams withdrawn


The health ministry said on Wednesday that it had received information that some batches of Bounty, Snickers and Twix ice creams on the market contained a banned carcinogen, ethylene oxide, and were being withdrawn.

At room temperature, ethylene oxide, which is banned in the EU, is a flammable colourless gas and is used as a steriliser. It is said to have the ability to damage DNA and cause cancer.


  Lot number Expiry date






010E3DOE02 28/2/2022
021D3DOE02 30/4/2022
102E2DOE02 31/12/2022
102F1DOE02 31/12/2022
102F2DOE02 31/12/2022
109E1DOE02 28/2/2023
115F2DOE01 31/3/2023
  010D2DOE02 28/2/2022
048D2DOE02 31/10/2022
102D1DOE02 31/12/2022
102D2DOE02 31/12/2022






047C3DOE02 31/10/2022
105E2DOE02 31/1/2023
105E3DOE02 31/1/2023
105F2DOE02 31/1/2023
107F3DOE02 31/1/2023
  111E2DOE02 28/2/2023
111E3DOE02 28/2/2023
101C2DOE02 31/12/2022
105A2DOE02 31/1/2023
  047B3DOE01 31/10/2022
047C1DOE01 31/10/2022
047C2DOE01 31/10/2022






  022A2DOE01 30/4/2022
046G3DOE01 31/10/2022
104F2DOE01 31/12/2022
116A3DOE01 31/3/2023

Consumers who are in possession of the ice cream should avoid consuming them the ministry said.


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