While The Steak House is a very apt and to-the-point description for the upscale restaurant found in the Old Port area adjacent the Limassol Marina, specialising in Black Angus and Wagyu steaks, it has also used that experience to create a sub-brand of the restaurant called Premium Burgers by The Steak House, which are only available to take home.

The Steak House kept the same direct, clear-cut naming approach with their new brand, which specialises in, you guessed it, burgers, although the menu has a few more hidden gems to it, but we will get to that later.

The restaurant has two distinct burger categories, only one of which is also available at the original steakhouse. They have what they call their Pro Burgers, as well as their Premium Burgers. Besides the price, the key differences lie in the burger patties and the meat mixture they use, as well as the toppings. We went with the former category, which is only available at home, with the idea of saving the latter type of burger for an on-premises visit.

As opposed to their Premium burgers, which are completely made of ground Black Angus beef steak meat, their Pro Burgers are made of patties containing 30 per cent pork and 70 per cent US-sourced Black Angus beef. From these we tried the classic cheeseburger, the proverbial meat and potatoes of burger joint’s offerings and from which you can accurately gauge the standard of quality.

Now, this is where it gets quite subjective. The burger, which comes with cheese and bacon but without salad (no qualms here as it often makes the buns soggy and weighs the burger down), is essentially on the money. A ‘does what it says on the tin’ type of burger. However, your assessment of it will largely depend on how you feel about a beef and pork blend. It’s genuinely fine but may resemble the flavour of a meatloaf or homemade meatball. Not a complaint, but something to keep in mind. It came with homemade steak chips which were great and very much reminiscent of those found in a quality steakhouse.

We also tried something from their succinct but intriguing non-burger category, a steak sandwich. Now this is another item that a steakhouse should absolutely nail, and again I am happy to say that it did just that at its price point, although it could have been a smidgen larger in size. Its yellow cheese topped steak strips and caramelised onions combined perfectly with the rustic, crunchy but still soft demi baguette used to house them to practically steal the show. Would definitely try this particular sandwich again.

For dessert we tried all two items available on the menu, the chocolate ganache with salted caramel sauce, and the fruit charlotte, made with pistachio nougatine, pastry cream, fresh strawberries and white chocolate. While I was expecting to enjoy the latter dessert more than the first one, I think it may benefit from the removal of the white chocolate as it would allow you to properly enjoy the pastry cream and strawberries. So it was the chocolate ganache and salted caramel that truly shone. Though it may elicit a scowl from the pastry chef that probably created it, it tasted like a luxury Snickers cake, which is far from anything close to a derogatory statement. Mind you this is a fairly rich dessert, so it offers itself to being shared.



WHERE The Steak House is at the Limassol Old Port, Building S 510, the Premium Burgers on various delivery services in the areas they serve.

WHEN 12:00 – 10:30pm

HOW MUCH €8-11 for a burger, €9.50 for a steak sandwich, €5 for a dessert

CONTACT 99 988180 for The Steak House, delivery services for The Premium Burgers