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Luminous Bodies: new exhibition from the Cyprus College of Art

aug 28 luminous flora bradwell, join us
Flora Bradwell’s piece Join Us

“A luminous body will appear more brilliant in proportion as it is surrounded by deep shadow,” once wrote Leonardo Da Vinci in a notebook and a new art exhibition in Paphos focuses on similar themes. ‘Luminous Bodies’, to be held at the Cyprus College of Art in Paphos between August 28 and 31, brings together the work of five UK-based artists.

aug 28 luminous lindsey jean mclean, colossus with boa
Lindsey Jean McLean’s Colossus with Boa

Recent graduates from the Manchester School of Art, the University for the Creative Arts and the Slade School of Art were selected for a month-long residency at the Cyprus College of Art in which each artist has been exploring the island of Cyprus through their own artistic practice and drawing inspiration from its rich and diverse culture and heritage. ‘Luminous Bodies’ is the result of this process and it is now getting ready to open its doors.

Placements such as this one, in partnership with Grampus Heritage, have been running at the Cyprus College of Art for the past 20 years bringing artists at the early stages of their careers to explore and create a new body of work that can be developed further within their own practices. Artists Flora Bradwell, Serena Maria Dicks, Sophie Lourdes Knight, Lindsey Jean McLean and Maddie Staton, who were selected for this one, will now present their creations.

Within the exhibition, the ‘body’ represents mass, form, and structure, while ‘luminosity’ represents colour, light and glow. Within their diverse practices, including ceramics, painting, sculpting, photography and printmaking, each artist explores ways in which the idea of ‘body’ can be dissected and translated through luminosity whether they be bodies of clay, bodies of vessels, figurative bodies, astral bodies, bodies of water or bodies of work.

aug 28 luminous serena maria dicks, blue on white
Serena Maria Dicks’s Blue On White

The contrast of the hot, vivid, Cypriot sun against the translucent, gemstone-like sea greatly affected the artists during their stay. The luminous qualities of the landscape alongside the archaeological importance of the area opened up a breadth of possibilities for each artist. Emotionally connecting to the Hellenistic sculptures and the unearthed mosaics imbues them with luminosity. In the darkness of the unknown past, found fragments of antiquity shine through, binding the emotional self with the ancient. “When we look at contemporary art,” say the exhibition organisers, “we are also looking at something ancient, this folds into a holistic approach to painting and making.”


Luminous Bodies

Art exhibition of five artists and recent graduates. Part of a month-long Residency at the Cyprus College of Art. August 28-31. Cyprus College of Art, Lempa village, Paphos. Opening night: 7pm. Other days: 10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm. Tel:  99-225331, 99-710621

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