Mandatory coronavirus tests for the vaccinated is under discussion by the scientific advisory team but there is currently no motion towards changing the measures as of now.

Asked to confirm the reports, first published in daily Phileleftheros, health ministry spokesperson Margarita Kyriacou told the Cyprus Mail early on Friday afternoon that the issue was being discussed amongst the scientific advisory team.

Local media reported that the criteria for the SafePass may be tweaked so that even people who are fully vaccinated may have to undergo rapid tests. Currently however signs are pointing towards a larger gap between the tests, if such a move were to pass, such as once a week or even once every 15 days.

The focus also seems set on the working population, with concerns over people who spend their time indoors. As such, mandatory rapid tests may be necessitated for those working in offices or similar settings.

But another government advisor told the Cyprus Mail that the proposal for testing the vaccinated has not been put forward or discussed.

Specifically, Petros Karayiannis, professor of microbiology/molecular virology of the Medical School at the University of Nicosia, told the Cyprus Mail that he does not see the need for the entire vaccinated population to undergo a weekly test.

He did however state that there are clearly some circumstances in which a vaccinated person should test, such as during visits to care homes or following contact with a person who has tested positive.

Speaking to daily Phileleftheros, head of the advisory team Constantinos Tsioutis, Assistant Professor at the Medical School of the European University, said that the ministry is expecting higher transmission rates during the winter.

“Therefore, if we want our spaces to continue to operate with safety, meaning that we ensure the risk of transmission remains low, it is necessary to reconsider the policy of managing the entry of people into these spaces,” he said.

No decision has currently been reached but further meetings from the experts are expected in the coming days.