Paphos police carried out a 24-hour coordinated road safety operation that lasted until 6am on Wednesday, resulting in 54 drivers being booked, 31 for speeding.

Meanwhile, the Paphos cycling police unit, which operates mainly in the town’s tourist areas, said that during the month of September, it had handed out a total of 91 out-of-court fines and that charges were filed against two people.

Paphos police press officer Michael Ioannou also added that the unit carried out a total of 41 vehicle checks in cooperation with other police departments.

“We are also distributing informative material in town to inform the public, both local and not, about what safety measures to adopt to avoid being burgled on the street,” Ioannou said.

“In addition to that, the unit has carried out checks in cafes, supermarkets and restaurant to make sure that all measures issued to protect people from Covid-19 are being observed,” he added.

As regards the 24-hour road safety campaign in the district, police said three people were booked for not wearing their seat belts, 31 were caught driving over the speed limit, one driver was not insured and 19 were booked for minor offences.

Moreover, four accidents also took place during the operation, one of which resulted in people suffering minor injuries.