Paphos police on Wednesday were investigating after burglars stole more than €10,000 in cash, jewellery and luxury items from two houses in Kissonerga and Kato Paphos.

The first burglary was reported by an 84-year-old permanent resident of the United States of America, who was in Cyprus for holidays in Kissonerga.

According to his statement, unknown people broke into his residence between October 17 and 19, while he was missing, and stole three gold chains, a pair of gold earrings with diamonds and 900 US dollars (€772.84). All stolen items amounted to €8,700.

Officers who arrived at the scene said the culprits entered the house by violating the balcony door with a sharp object.

In the second case, burglars stole two luxury bags amounting to €1,700, which contained €200 in different bills as well as gold bracelet, a €500 mobile phone and a Greek ID from a house in Kato Paphos.

The theft was reported by a 40-year-old woman who said the burglary took place between 8.40 to 11.30pm on Tuesday night while she was away form home.

During on-site investigations, officers concluded the thieves entered through the main entrance, as the owner forgotten the key on the outside lock.

In both cases, police collected various items to help identify the culprits.