Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides travelled to Brussels on Sunday to take part in the Eurogroup meeting which will convene on Monday, November 8.

Finance Ministers will discuss the macroeconomic outlook in the euro area, including inflation and policy prospects.

This includes an exchange of views on energy prices in the context of inflation developments within the euro area.

The Commission will present the relaunched economic governance review, focusing on the euro area dimension.

Ministers will discuss how the Eurogroup can address this review and how it can tackle challenges to the coordination of fiscal and economic policies and to the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ministers will also discuss the policy objectives and uses of a digital euro in the context of the fast pace of digitalisation in the global economy, including the impact of the digital euro on the euro area and on the common currency.

Furthermore, the Ministers will take stock of related initiatives and developments at the international level.