Greek Foreign Minister Nicos Dendias on Tuesday accused Turkey of seeking to create new fait accompli on the ground in Cyprus through illegal actions in Varosha, violating UNSC resolutions in the process.

“The Turkish and Turkish Cypriot sides insist on discussing a solution to the Cyprus problem that is outside the framework of the Security Council decisions and international legality, something that will not happen,” the Greek diplomat said.

Dendias, on the island for the 17th Economist Conference, was speaking after a meeting with his Cypriot counterpart Nikos Christodoulides.

The Greek foreign minister said Ankara was seeking to create new fait accompli in Varosha “violating anew the decisions of the Security Council, violating the sovereignty and sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus, with provocative, illegal, actions.”

He said Greece will assist the Republic’s efforts to resume reunification talks on the basis of UN resolutions and European acquis.

“Our enduring vision is a united island, rid of occupation forces, rid of anachronistic guarantees,” Dendias said.

Christodoulides reiterated that the two countries were working together to create the conditions necessary for a resumption of talks based on the agreed framework.

“The continuing Turkish provocativeness, which generally extends on many levels in the area and beyond, causes disappointment and lack of optimism, but our effort doesn’t end,” Christodoulides said. “On the contrary, our actions are intensified and bolstered.”

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar meanwhile, reiterated on Monday that the single sovereignty federal system aimed at excluding Turkey from Cyprus.

Tatar said there were “two separate states and two peoples” on the island.

“The Turkish Cypriot people paid a heavy price and will never accept giving up its freedom, its sovereignty, and Turkey’s guarantees,” he said. Any solution to the Cyprus problem must be based on the two states’ sovereign equality, he added.