A Christmas-themed art piece created by a 10-year-old artist is being auctioned to collect money in support of people with leukaemia.

Lambros Kallenos created a 69cm high ‘Tree of Life’ from metal and liquid glass, inspired by the colours of the logo of Karaiskakio Foundation.

The piece is being auctioned on the official website of the charity at the starting price of €500.

It includes a black triangle metal frame and a hanging circle made from liquid glass with resin, gold flakes and pigments.

Popi Kanari, a member of the foundation said the 10-year-old is “giving us life lessons” as “the warmest young supporter of Karaiskakio Foundation”.

The deadline for the auction was set for December 31 this year.

This is not the first time young Kallenos has offered one of his art pieces to be auctioned for Karaiskakio.

One of his paintings, called ‘Invisible Angel’ was recently auctioned for €10,000.