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The importance of graphic design for attracting consumer attention


Graphic design plays a vital role in both traditional and digital marketing. The role that it plays has been gaining momentum due to the amount of pressure that marketers are faced with in order to attract and convince customers towards a product or service.

Businesses are recognising the importance of using digital design and are now investing more funds and time into their marketing communication. A picture speaks more than a thousand words, and the pivotal difference that graphic design brings is a perfect example of this statement speaking true. When executed correctly graphic design can attract, impart knowledge, increase awareness around a brand and create a bond of trust with consumers. The image that your brand portrays depends on the logo, design of its digital platform, packaging of products as well as direct marketing.

Apple is a great example of how a simple design can become iconic. The silhouette of a bitten apple has become synonymous with technology, innovation and sleek designs. The design is effective because it is easily recognisable, simple, and elegant, a trend that is seen throughout the designs of successful graphic designers.

Graphic designers have become an integral part of the marketing team, so much so that it is difficult to think of a team without them. Whilst large corporations may find it feasible to employ an in-house graphic designer but smaller businesses however may not have this luxury, this is when seeking the assistance of an outsourced graphic design specialist is an excellent solution.

Conveying a message quickly and effectively

Graphic design allows marketers to pass on a message quickly and effectively. Think about this example, you are driving home from work and pass a billboard with an image of a double patty burger with lettuce and cheese on a seeded bun. The image, if captured correctly, will invoke a craving in a matter of seconds, the colors of the food chain will immediately link with that image to the brand and just like that graphic design was able to successfully market a product to a customer in a matter of seconds without the use of words.

This is particularly helpful in instances when customers do not have the time to stop and read a post. It is important that your message is not overly complicated, keep it simple and relative. Human nature automatically allows us to filter out information that does not matter or relate to us. So make sure your message fits your target market’s initial set of criteria.

In order for graphic design to work, the message needs to be clear and uncomplicated. Tailor your message to come across as both meaningful and insightful, it should make the customer aware of the product as well as the benefits attached to it. Customers will immediately register your message if the benefit is one that they could use as the message feels personal and compelling. When looking to outsource the expertise of a digital marketing company, look for a company that offers a host of other benefits such as photography, videography and web design as this will allow you to receive an all round service. Apart from that, they will also be able to deliver designs that are specific to the platform that you wish to utilise the graphic on. 

Final thoughts

Graphic design is an essential component of any marketing strategy, human beings are visual by nature so by creating a gripping and eye-catching graphic you will be able to successfully market your product to consumers in a matter of seconds. It is vital that businesses invest in a talented designer or design team to prevent substandard work. Ensure that your vision is understood so that it can accurately be transformed from a concept to a design. If you are opting to outsource your designs, pick a company that places emphasis on attention to detail and has a strong portfolio. By successfully incorporating graphic design with other marketing strategies you will be able to deliver a clear and concise message to consumers. Graphic design is a powerful tool that can help your brand grow and creates an image that will become synonymous with the brand name.

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