By Andreas Pavlou

Paphos police are investigating two hunters who refused to comply with the instructions of a gamekeeper and for using a sound imitation device, the force said on Monday.

According to assistant director of Paphos police Michalis Ioannou, on Sunday at 9am, members of the Game Service while patrolling the village of Vretsia heard a continuous sound of bird-chirping.

The police then found the two people, from Famagusta, near a vehicle owned by one of them.

Near the vehicle police found a mimetic device hanging from a nearby tree. Members of the Game Service then asked the hunters to turn their hunting equipment in and go to the Panagia police station, however they refused.

The sound imitation device was taken for evidence. The members of the Game Service handed the device over to the police.

Ioannou said search warrants were issued against the two and their homes.