Photography is a way of seeing. A way of looking at life, people, scenes and objects and an upcoming free, two-day workshop presented by CYENS Thinker Maker Space in Nicosia focuses on one of these things. Silvio Rusmigo, a freelance documentary and commercial photographer based in Cyprus, is to hold a workshop on December 9 and 10 on the Photography of Objects, and invites photographers, creatives, visual beings and all to join him.

As an established photographer, Silvio has worked with several big brands and tends to work quietly, always producing stunning images. His work engages topics that deal with the outdoors, natural and cultural heritage. At the same time, his commissioned and commercial work shares the common theme of communicating the importance of exploring and appreciating aspects of our surroundings.

His upcoming workshop at CYENS will be conducted in two parts, on Friday 9 between 4pm and 7pm and on Saturday 10 between 10am and 1pm, and participants should be able to attend both days of the workshop. Basic photographic knowledge is a plus for workshop-goers, though cameras are not a must. Above all, an interest in object photography is what really matters.

“Photographing an object may feel overwhelming to some,” says Silvio, “to others it may seem like a simple and straightforward task. Within these two days, we shall navigate the nuances that go into this art, overcoming the often-confusing issue of gear, and we shall develop an understanding of how light envelops and renders different materials, shapes and textures. How a certain focal length or the placement of a single light may change what your object looks like are some of the questions we will answer.

“The aim of the workshop is not to focus on creative still-life, but to share the tools and knowledge I have gathered through documenting archaeological objects, to get creative in finding solutions to the participant’s own needs, be it to photograph their own work or make educated requests from photographers who will.”


Photography of Objects

Photography object with photographer Silvio Rusmigo, in collaboration with CYENS Thinker Maker Space. December 9. 4pm-7pm. December 10. 10am-1pm. CYENS Thinker Maker Space, Nicosia. Free. Limited seats, registration is necessary. Facebook event: Photography of Objects Workshop