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New exhibition looks for the time that is left

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Presenting his first solo show in Cyprus, Swiss visual artist Giacomo Santiago Rogado’s exhibition For The Time Left opens at eins gallery on Sunday. Based between Berlin, Lucerne and Basel, having participated in numerous international exhibitions, Giacomo now brings his art to Limassol in an attempt to shift consciousness and present a sense of balance and unity through three large-scale canvases.

“Rogado is creating a space within the space,” says Olympia Tzortzi. “The constellation resembles a unique universe, a timeless spot where the viewer can enter and freeze time. The notion of liberation from the constant flow and counting of time grows through the search for a pause. Abstract forms, contrasting surfaces, a fast-paced and at the same time decelerating rhythm bears a sense of harmony, as subconsciousness emerges on the surface, follows the light and then comes back to the present moment. It is an emotional act for both the beholder and the artist.

“The ongoing work series Intuition (from 2014) provides an insight of infinity. The exhibited artworks are new works that belong to this series. With his latest imagery, Rogado takes us on an interstellar trip through time and space. While travelling through psychedelic worlds and vibrating structures, Rogado not only allows us to take a break but also encourages us to take a step back and relate to a greater whole for a moment that could last forever.”


For the Time Left

Solo exhibition by Swiss visual artist, Giacomo Santiago Rogado. December 12-January 15. Eins gallery, Limassol. Monday-Friday: 4pm-8pm. Saturday: 11am04pm. Tel: 99-522977

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