A free online international conference on how to overcome LGBTQI-phobia in tertiary education will take place in English this Thursday.

The event will be the final conference of the European Erasmus + Hei4Diversity programme which focused on the prevention of violence against LGTBQI + teams at higher education institutions.

It will be held online through Microsoft Teams on December 16, from 8am until 4pm in English, the University of Cyprus and Accept LGBTI Cyprus said in a press release.

“This event aims to involve stakeholders with incentives to transform universities into more inclusive environments,” the press release added.

The Erasmus + programme under the title HEI4Diversity. Building Capacities to Prevent and Respond to Any Form of Violence against the LGTBQI + community in Higher Education Institution has focused for the last two years on studying the situation of the European LGBTQI + community in universities and creating educational materials that guide the members of the university institutions for the prevention and the fight against any form of LGBT-phobia.

During the final seminar, all the results and products of the two-year program will be presented, and various round tables will be hosted to give space to the exploration of networks and transformational educational strategies to end all forms of violence.

To register, people can fill out the form below at https://docs.google.com/…/1vTxkrTbZlxLmCPan…/viewform…

For more information visit the project website (http://medis-dpedago.urv.cat/hei4diversity) and social media (@ Hei4Diversity on Twitter).