European University Cyprus has linked up with US technology giant Microsoft to launch a new programme for start-up businesses.

Titled Microsoft for Start-ups Cyprus Program, the programme will assist 10 strictly Cyprus-based start-up businesses in each iteration, with the businesses receiving a specialised course of education, guidance and mentoring.

Through this, the programme aims to accelerate the growth of these start-ups, acclimating them to the world of business while they are still in their nascent stage, while also teaching them about the modern business tools at their disposal.

“Entrepreneurship, innovation and technological improvement are now recognised as the main pillars that create the right conditions for the development of the Cypriot economy and the prosperity of our country,” European University Cyprus said.

“Once again, the European University of Cyprus pioneers and supports in every way local entrepreneurship and innovation, giving practical knowledge, guidance and support to young people to succeed in their first professional and business steps,” the university added.

The founders of the start-ups participating in the programme will be able to work closely with high-ranking and experienced members of the programme’s Innovation Partners, Cypriot organisations and companies that have embraced the programme and are actively involved with its implementation.

The university hopes that the facilitation of this relationship between the start-ups and the Innovation Partners will help the former tackle the challenges in the market, while also absorbing valuable knowledge and skills necessary to thrive.

The Innovation Partners include CNP, CyTA, ExxonMobil, EY, Gnomi, Hellenic Bank, IMH, Logicom, NetU και NewCyTech.

The programme is also supported by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, while GrantXpert Consulting Ltd is involved with its organisation and implementation.

In addition, programme participants will be able to freely use various pieces of software and platforms developed by Microsoft at no cost to the start-up.

Start-up businesses interested in becoming involved with the programme can read the official programme guide here.

They are also able to submit their applications here until January 21, 2022.

For additional information, contact the university on (+357) 22 669266 or via email.