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Island’s ‘biggest development project’ a step closer

laranac port

Larnaca is a step closer to getting the island’s biggest development project as an environmental impact study greenlighted the proposed €1.2bn port and marina.

Planned to host cruise ships and private leisure boats, Larnaca mayor Andreas Vyras told a public hearing on Tuesday that the project will create up to 4,000 jobs and improve residents’ quality of life.

With work set to begin before summer 2022, the project is expected to take 12 years to complete.

The environmental impact study was reportedly carried out by the Consortium Rogan Associates SA and Toumazis and Atlantis Environment & Innovation Ltd and stated that the project will “bring direct and indirect positive effects on the economy”.

The port will be completed in four phases, while the vision of the investors sets out for modern energy production from renewable and recycled sources, stakeholders at the presentation heard.

Transport ministry permanent secretary Stavros Michael said the goal is to utilise all available means and renewable energy sources while also the protecting biodiversity in the area.

He said that the project is to be the island’s biggest to date, as in line with the EU’s “path of green development”.

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