Teaching unions on Thursday expressed their concerns over the implementation of the e-school administrative system, budgeted at €27.8m, saying it must integrate and cover all key stakeholders, from teachers to students.

The project, with an initial deadline of sometime in 2023, was first announced in November last year.

It aims to “assist a transition to the digital age… for an advanced and holistic e-government system”, with services such as access to curriculum and grades all accessible via one key portal.

But secondary school teachers union Oelmek said on Thursday that the ministry must “finally put words into action”.

It called for the project to be created in consultation with the many stakeholders to comprehensively cover the complex needs of various groups.

It has previously been stated that under the new system all information on educational issues will be immediately available.

Applications can be submitted electronically, and access will be possible via computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Students will have electronic access to the school curriculum, grades, exam timetables, details regarding school trips, disciplinary issues and application forms.

Parents will be able to electronically register and transfer their children, conduct financial transactions, and handle all kinds of applications, including issues of financial support.

They will also have immediate and complete online information regarding test results and exams.

Teachers are going to have online access to services such as interactive grading and real-time student attendance. They will be able to apply for permits electronically and handle issues of absence, placement, travelling and complaints.

The project, entitled Support Services System, is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.