Founder, Home in Cyprus

‘Chasing after your dream proves to be challenging, however, I have gained the trust from the Chinese community in Cyprus, which motivates me to persevere and reach new goals’

Nine years ago, when Xixi founded Home in Cyprus, it was a small mutual aid programme comprising several members of her community. Today, it has become the largest Chinese community in Cyprus boasting ten thousand members.

“I have worked in the Chinese television media industry for twenty years and am currently the Associate Professor and Master Supervisor for two universities.”

Tell us about your company.
“Home in Cyprus was established nine years ago. Today, it is the largest Chinese language platform in Cyprus. We deliver daily news of Cyprus and eight in-depth weekly reports in the Chinese language. It is an important channel for Chinese people to find out more about Cyprus and serves as the main platform for Chinese people living on the island. With a young, female-led team, our aim is to provide services in tourism, education, immigration, legal affairs, and many other aspects that will help Chinese people in Cyprus fit better into the community.
In 2021, we put forward Exclusive Interviews on the Special Occasion of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Diplomatic Ties between China and Cyprus, which featured interview recordings and historical coverage. The programme received an incredible response from the public including the higher authorities. We have also launched more than 10 non-governmental exchange activities such as Cyprus-China Friendship Photo Contest: Cyprus in My Heart.”

What is the biggest factor that helps you succeed?
“I believe the most important element contributing to my current achievements is perseverance. Resilience, a unique feature in women, plays a critical role since the founding of Home in Cyprus. Initially a one-woman show, today I lead a dynamic team that showcases the real Cyprus through articles, videos, and livestreaming activities and events, at the same time managing my personal life. Chasing after your dream proves to be challenging, however, I have gained the trust from the Chinese community in Cyprus, which motivates me to persevere and reach new goals. I have always believed that, despite the hardships, I can withstand the severity of the cold in winter.”

What are some patterns you have noticed over the years about women at work, and things they could be doing better to advance their careers?
“As a professional woman, I truly understand how hard it is for women to juggle family commitments and career development. I sympathise with those talented and competent women who have paused their careers for various reasons. Many of my female friends are outstanding entrepreneurs with excellent communication skills but were forced to give up their careers once they were married.
Additionally, I believe all women can certainly justify their choices no matter what their circumstances, however one should continue doing something joyful or fulfilling, as one never knows what the future holds.”

Why do you think companies can benefit from employing more women?
“In comparison to men, women are born to be more gentle, sensitive and resilient. They focus on aesthetics in life and are more likely to possess humanistic spirits, which are all essential elements in internet media and other new economic models. Women are more likely to have empathy for others’ emotions and circumstances. I am grateful for the female members in our team, who have used these elements to create influential and meaningful activities in our China-Cyprus communications. Through numerous quality content, they have established a warm and characteristic Chinese community in Cyprus that is willing to give back to the local community.”

What suggestions will you give to the next generation of female leaders?
“We have young and excellent women in our team. I am looking forward for them to transform into a new generation of leaders. Certainly, in a highly competitive business world, women are bound to experience more challenges if they want to climb the corporate ladder. My advice would be for women to enjoy every moment, and never compromise on the leisure activities that make them happy. These are the moments that are both self-fulfilling and rewarding and motivate one to continue and achieve. I also believe that promises must be kept, and actions speak louder than words. Essentially, that should be our motto in life. To be conscientious about our work, whether big or small; to push ourselves to the limit. If we believe that the world has enough music for all of us to listen to we will enjoy a rewarding life.”