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British man who confessed to killing wife faces criminal trial

Paphos District Court

A 74-year-old British man who said he killed his wife to spare her the suffering caused by leukaemia is expected to be arraigned in Paphos on Friday after his release from a psychiatric facility.

The head of Paphos CID said he was expected to be referred to the criminal court for trial after his release from Athalassa hospital following court-ordered treatment.

Police said the man had confessed to killing his wife, 75, on the evening of December 22 in their home in Tremithousa, Paphos.

The 74-year-old told police he had killed his wife who was suffering from leukaemia because he said he could not bear to see her suffer.

He said he had suffocated the woman by blocking her mouth and nose with his hands while she was sitting in an armchair.

After that, the man tried to take his own life by consuming pills.

Police were alerted by Interpol at around 8 pm on December 11 that the 74-year-old had sent a message to a family member abroad telling them he had killed his wife because she was suffering from an illness and that he would also end his own life.

When officers went to the house of the couple, they found the 74-year-old and the woman dead in an armchair and the man lying next to her.

He was rushed to hospital where he had his stomach pumped. After recovering, a court ordered his transfer to Athalassa at the recommendation of a psychiatrist.

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