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Women making circles and connections

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When women sit down in a circle, something changes. It becomes a safe space for connection, understanding, togetherness and sharing. It becomes a moment to bask in feminine energy, share stories, crafts and worship. Of course, there are many kinds of women’s circles and they have existed for centuries. Such age-old rituals and ceremonies have been run since prehistory in ancient cultures worldwide.

Many of them were connected to natural life cycles such as menstruation and birth, grief and suffering. Beyond the emotional and spiritual circles many cultures practised, other groups like many women in Cyprus, would sit in circles to sew, embroider and make traditional crafts. Mothers, daughters and granddaughters would come together

Modern-day women’s circles follow similar notions and take place to serve the same values as their ancient forebears. To gather, support and connect are usually the objectives. Cyprus too has had such gatherings and in recent years they’ve become more popular. Or perhaps more advertised. The thing to remember is to choose one that calls to you for some reason.

Amidst a pandemic and two years of being told to socially distance, coming together has not been easy yet it continues to be very much needed. This January, Anfisa from Heart-to-Heart Time is organising her first women’s circles for this year in Limassol following many similar events in 2021.

On January 11 at Vinyasa Yoga Studio, Anfisa is hosting an evening circle focusing on sauna cleansing. The evening will be dedicated to caring for the body with sauna and tea rituals to cleanse and rejuvenate for the new year ahead. There are limited places available for the two-hour circle that starts at 7pm and prices are offered on a sliding scale so that participants can pay what they can.

Then on January 18 comes a women’s circle that tunes in with the full moon. Again at the Limassol yoga studio, Anfisa invites women to gather in a circle to celebrate the full light of the moon with ceremonial cacao, heart-to-heart time sharing and release through free movement. Through soul-soothing practices, women are invited to tap in, connect with one another and embrace the energy of the feminine.


Sauna Cleansing

Women’s circle with Anfisa. January 11. Vinyasa Yoga Studio, Limassol. 7pm-9pm. To join visit

Full moon

Women’s circle with Anfisa. January 18. Vinyasa Yoga Studio, Limassol. 7pm-9pm. To join visit


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